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The Society

The Metastasis Research Society facilitates communication and dissemination of knowledge among scientists and others dedicated to the metastasis problem; fosters research and accelerates progress in metastasis- related (e.g., invasion, angiogenesis, adhesion, immunology, bioengineering, etc.) biomedical sciences; encourages the presentation and discussion of new and important observations in the field; encourages new investigators to enter the field; and advances the understanding of cancer metastasis throughout the world.

Join our efforts in understanding and treating cancer metastasis today. Several membership categories are available to choose from below.


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The Benefits of Membership: Why Join?

Join Now!Members of the MRS enjoy the following benefits:

·       Reduced registration rates to our Biennial International Metastasis Research Congress and other MRS meetings and events

·       Opportunities to participate in networking events designed to foster collaboration

·       Recognition for significant contributions to the field of metastatic research via our newsletter, website, and social media pages (view us on Twitter and Facebook)

·       Professional development for early career investigators via access to workshops/webinars and special symposia, and eligibility for our prestigious Sue Eccles Young Investigator Award

·       Monthly MRS newsletters and official announcements to stay up-to-date on MRS programs and activities, and current news related to metastasis research globally

·       Free access to the society's high-quality journalsClinical and experimental metastasis, Cancer and metastasis reviews, and the associated journal, Angiogenesis


We hope that you will support the MRS and the furtherance of metastatic research globally by signing up for society membership.


Membership categories for researchers/clinicians:

Student Membership

1-Year Membership: $50
2-Year Membership: $85

Postdoctoral Membership

1-Year Membership: $75
2-Year Membership: $125

Full Membership

1-Year Membership: $105
2-Year Membership: $165

Past Presidents

1-Year Membership: $50