Meet the Expert - Isaiah J. Fidler


Dr. I. Josh Fidler is one of the foremost experts on cancer metastasis. His laboratory has provided much of the experimental evidence to suppor the "Seed-to-Soil" theory derived originaly from Dr. Stephen Paget's observations in 1889. He led the Cancer Biology department at MD Anderson for 25 years and continues as the director of the Cancer Metastasis Research Center. With nearly 600 peer-reviewed publications and 200 reviews/book chapters, Dr. Fidler has been a leader in the field of metastasis research since 1970. During the course of his research he has also been responsible for training many of the investigators currently active in the field.

Title & Affiliation  

University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Departments of Urology and Cancer Biology
Director of the Cancer Metastasis Research Center
Houston, TX, USA

Research Focus  
  Cancer Metastasis, anti-cancer therapeutics, tumor-host interactions, organ-specific metastasis
  In Vivo murine models of metastasis, metastasis prevention and treatment models, molecular mechanisms of tumor-host interactions, anti-metastasis therapeutics
Recent Publications  
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  An introduction to Dr. Josh Fidler. (1:50 min)


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