Tigerlily & The MRS Launch Unique Survey for Young MBC Patients

Young (age 15-45) women living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) face unique challenges and deserve high quality support to feel prepared and confident in making informed treatment and life choices. 

The Tigerlily Foundation and the Metastasis Research Society (MRS) have formed a partnership focused on building on Tigerlily's My Life program for MBC patients and creating new resources meant to address the most pressing needs of young women diagnosed with MBC.  

Together, Tigerlily and researchers of the MRS have designed a unique 5-minute survey for young MBC patients that will guide collaborative patient support and education efforts, enhance advocacy, and promote changes in public policy that positively impact the MBC community. 

The survey will close December 9th.  We appreciate your participation in advance, and encourage you to watch our social media accounts for updates and news! In the meantime, please be aware that Tigerlily offers a special blog for young women with MBC as a great resource.


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