EACR conference on The Tumour Ecosystem: Cellular Interactions and Therapeutic Opportunities​

Tumours are complex ecosystems, involving multiple cell types that play pivotal roles in all stages of carcinogenesis, metastatic progression and response to therapy. Designing efficient novel therapeutics cannot be achieved without exploring the dynamics of the tumour microenvironment, in order to achieve a comprehensive, integrated understanding of reciprocal cancer/stroma interactions, and how they are modulated by cancer treatments.

This meeting will cover the latest exciting breakthroughs on multiple aspects of the tumour microenvironment, including the intricate interactions of cancer cells with the immune system and with specific stromal cells in multiple organs. We will also highlight novel insights into tumour-host interactions including changes in metabolism, the nervous system and response to therapy.

Join us to hear from world-class experts who are at the forefront of the tumour microenvironment field, sharing their latest discoveries and insights about this cutting-edge research and its implications for novel cancer therapies.

Travel Grants will be awarded to members of the Metastasis Research Society (MRS) who need financial assistance to attend the conference and present their work as an oral or poster presentation.

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Key dates:

Bursary application deadline:
22 January 2024

Abstract submission deadline:
22 January 2024

Registration deadline:
19 February 2024