EMBO | EMBL Symposium – Defining and defeating metastasis

Organisers: Eduard Batlle, Johanna Joyce, Daniel Klimmeck, Joan Massagué, Samra Turajlic

Date & Location: 30 Sep – 3 Oct 2024 | EMBL Heidelberg and Virtual – EMBL Advanced Training Centre

In its second edition, this symposium will cover emerging key concepts of latent metastasis and dissemination of tumour cells including evolution and genetic diversity of metastasis, circulating tumour cells, stemness, dormancy and stromal reprogramming, transcriptional and epigenetic control, motility and invasive signalling, metastatic heterogeneity, EMT and plasticity, immune evasion, and metabolic adaptations. The meeting will provide a unique interdisciplinary exchange on current approaches and future collaborations on metastasis and its therapeutic challenges.

Metastasis research is a nexus for several of the most exciting areas and technical developments of current cancer biology and translational molecular medicine. High-resolution intravital imaging, single-cell sequencing and integrated genomics approaches, innovative tissue modelling, and co-culture systems for disease screening and patient stratification all have enormous implications for our basic understanding of the mechanisms of this deadly disease and hold great promises for progress in its successful treatment. This cutting-edge meeting is aimed at a broad spectrum of life scientists and clinicians working in cancer, immunology, cell and molecular biology.
Session topics

  • Metastasis initiating cells, circulating tumour cells
  • Motility and invasion
  • Transcriptional and epigenetic control of metastasis
  • Metastasis heterogeneity, EMT, and plasticity
  • Metastasis signalling and latency
  • Metastasis imaging, tumour microenvironment, and immune evasion


Abstract submission: 8 Jul 2024
Registration (On-site): 19 Aug 2024
Registration (Virtual): 23 Sep 2024