Thank you for considering membership to our society. 

Qualifications for Membership

Trainee memberships are open to graduate students, medical students and residents, and clinical and postdoctoral fellows who are enrolled in educational or training programs that could lead to careers in cancer research. Full membership is open to investigators worldwide. Interested individuals should contact the Secretary/Treasurer for details. Details regarding nomination and membership approval process can be found in the bylaws.

Member Responsibilities

Active members must pay annual dues. Annual dues for Full members are $105. To encourage young investigators, the MRS has established trainee memberships for pre- ($50) and post-doctoral fellows ($75). Eligibility for post-doctoral membership is limited to three years after receipt of the highest degree.All memberships are for the calendar year (January - December). Payment of invoices for trainee membership must be accompanied by a statement signed by the trainee member's registrar, dean, or department head, verifying the member's academic status (facsimiles are accepted).

Why Join?

  Members of the MRS enjoy the following benefits:

- The privilege of sponsoring a proffered paper (abstract) for consideration for presentation at the MRS International Congresses
- Discounted registration rates for MRS International Congresses and MRS co-sponsored meetings
- Unique resources through member-restricted online access that include:

* Subscriptions to the Society's high-quality journals Clinical and Experimental Metastasis and Cancer and Metastasis Reviews
* Comprehensive synthesis of the biological and moleclar insights on metastasis
* Compilation of landmark discoveries that defined the field of metastasis research
* Member-generated collection of online methods and resources

- Networking and informal scientific exchange with leading researchers in the cancer field and peers within the society, including:

*Research grant program announcements
*Metastasis-related news and announcements managed by the MRS
*Early career networking and leadership oppotunities organized through our Early Career Leadership Council. 


Existing Members

You can maintain or upgrade your membership HERE.


Membership Categories

* Full Membership (one or two years) is open to individuals working in the field of metastasis research and other contributors to this field. 

Full Membership  $105 (Register)

Two Year Full Membership $165 (Register


* Postdoctoral Membership (one or two years) is open to individuals currently pursuing their post-graduate training (residency, fellowship, post-doctoral training) and are actively engaged in the field of metastasis research.

Postdoc Membership  $75  (Register)

Two Year Postdoc Membership $125 (Register


* Student Membership (one or two years) is open to individuals currently pursuing their pre-graduate training (undergraduate, medical school) and are actively engaged in the field of metastasis research.

Student Membership  $50 (Register)

Two Year Student Membership $85 (Register


* Past-President Membership is reserved for those individuals who served so generously as president in past years.

Past-President Membership  $50 (Register


Please note that membership is for the current calender year (eg. January-December, 2014)