About the Metastasis Research Society

Our mission and vision

The Mission of the Metastasis Research Society (MRS):

Our mission is to support progressive research on processes fundamental to metastasis. This includes supporting the exchange of information between researchers, clinicians, industry, and patients globally.  We also strive to educate the public about metastatic cancer and raise awareness about insufficient funding for metastatic research worldwide.

Our broad vision is to de-throne metastasis as a disease that steals lives by obtaining research results that translate to patients having an optimal quality of life while managing metastasis as a chronic condition, with the ultimate goal of achieving a cure.

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The MRS is:

  • An international professional society founded in 1984
  • Open to all stakeholders in metastasis research and treatment from any country
  • A registered 501(c)3 non-profit in the USA, headquartered in Tampa, FL
  • Run entirely by volunteers around the world

Achieving Our Mission:

The MRS is dedicated to promoting the furtherance of research into all aspects of metastasis, and the exchange of metastasis-related information amongst all key stakeholders in metastasis research and treatment including scientists, clinicians, and patients. These objectives are achieved through the following aims:

  • Providing a forum that promotes interactions, collaborations and information exchange between pre-clinical, clinical and pharmaceutical company researchers world-wide through the organization of international conferences and networking events.
  • Encouraging outstanding patient-centered metastasis research with four biennial awards.
  • The publication of high quality, peer-reviewed research papers and reviews in the official journals of the society, Clinical and Experimental Metastasis.
  • Fostering the career development of young investigators through the Early Career Ambassadors of the MRS lead by the Early Career Leadership Council of the MRS.
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of metastasis research and the need for increased financial support in this field worldwide.
  • Building and supporting partnerships with patient advocacy groups and members of the metastatic cancer patient community.
  • Working with Supporting Members (patients/friends etc.) to ensure metastasis research and treatment is patient-centered.
  • Educating the metastatic patient community to enable them to make informed treatment choices and participate in patient-centered research development.

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