The President's Vision

Words from our current MRS President: Professor Erik Sahai

Welcome to the Metastasis Research Society!

Profile picture of metastasis research society president Erik Sahai

MRS President: Erik Sahai

Recent years have seen significant progress in the treatment of metastatic cancer, most notably immunotherapy has greatly improved outcomes in metastatic melanoma. Nonetheless, many metastatic cancers remain hard to treat and much work still needs to be done.

The Metastasis Research Society (MRS) will build connections between researchers and foster the next generation of emerging leaders. This will be done through both in person and virtual events, providing competitive bursaries for meeting attendance, with the early career leadership council playing a key role. We will be able to achieve far more as an open and vibrant community sharing expertise and knowledge.

To this end, we work with organizations with aligned goals – including the American and European Associations for Cancer Research (AACR & EACR) and the Australian Metastasis Research Society (Oz MRS). Through engagement both with clinical leaders and patient advocates, the society will seek to ensure that research is focused on problems that have the biggest impact on the lives of patients. This will require increasing analysis of patient tissue and patient quality of life, with the implementation of technologies to relate these analyses to pre-clinical models. Ultimately, this will accelerate the transit of discoveries into therapies for metastatic cancer.

I hope you will join the MRS to share this excitement and support our effort to understand and defeat metastatic cancer.