Theresa's Research Foundation

Theresa's Research Foundation

Theresa’s Research Foundation

Theresa’s Vision

Through Theresa’s participation in various support groups and relationships she formed with other patients, she learned there were critical challenges that needed to be addressed in order to change the odds. Most importantly, she learned that more funding and research were needed to provide additional treatment options for those with MBC.

While many treatment advances have been made for early-stage breast cancer, very little progress had been made in MBC. The creation of Theresa’s Research Foundation had begun.

“My hope is for a cure…”

In February of 2013, Theresa and her son, Josh, with the support of friends and family, formed Theresa’s Research Foundation with a focus on:


  • Funding Research
  • Encouraging Collaboration
  • Supporting Clinical Trials
  • Providing More Resources for Patients
  • Improving Access to Care